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Best Foreign Language Film 2011-2012

Best Foreign Language Film

Listed in accordance to likely win


Iran, “A Separation

Israel, “Footnote

Poland, “In Darkness

Canada, “Monsieur Lazhar”

Belgium, “Bullhead



Updated: December 20, 2011

This category always tosses its share of curve balls. Even with the unanimous praise for A Separation, it’s position is largely based on critical response instead of the necessary Academy support. So it’s very much an open field. Throwing darts on a board at this point.



Updated: October 15, 2011

Given that the Academy has come to a total of 63 Foreign Language film finalists, I thought it time to narrow down the potential field.

The two most likely candidates are the critically acclaimed A Separation and the Audience-Choice Award winner at the Toronto International Film Festival, Where Do We Go Now? I’m also confident that Aki Kaurismäki’s newest film, Le Havre will get in the mix. From there, it gets a bit murky. And unlike any of the other categories, this one seems completely devoid of typical prognostication; critically lauded films like 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days have failed to even make the shortlist, whereas the polarizing and downright bizarre (though still impressive) Dogtooth managed to squeeze its way in. With Dogtooth laying the ground for the unexpected, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Bela Tarr’s supposedly final film, The Turin Horse, comes into play.

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